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About Us

Trust Hire Me Excavations when you need excavation services in and around Albion Park.
Excavations are the foundation work for building projects and so you need to be sure that they have been carried out to the highest standard.

Hire Me Excavations has years of experience dealing with excavation jobs of varying sizes and in the most difficult of locations. Tricky blocks are no problem for Hire Me Excavations.

Why Choose Us

We know Albion Park and know its terrain so we can help find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your project.

Experienced & Professional


100% customer satisfaction

Get it done once and get it done right!


With considerable experience and expertise you can’t go wrong with Hire Me Excavations for your earthmoving needs.

From site cut excavations to drainage, laser levelling, retaining walls, pool trenching, landscaping and more. Don from Hire Me Excavations, has the skills and equipment needed to tackle a large variety of jobs.

As an owner operator you can be assured of personal and quality service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask how Hire Me Excavations can help with your project.


At HIRE ME EXCAVATIONS we are reliable and knowledgeable – we can give you solid advice on the best application for your purpose.



Narrow access -mini extractor

Our narrow access excavators are perfect for any project that requires excavation in a small area. They make short work of small jobs such as digging trenches and holes but are also able to tackle the bigger jobs like carving out footing for a pool or levelling an area ready for new landscaping to be installed. No matter the project and size we are ready to take it on.


Swimming Pool and Spa Excavation

Let That Pool/spa Become A Reality

Hire Me Excavations has all the right tools and equipment, and more importantly, the experience, to take care of your swimming pool excavations.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a staple feature in landscaping and construction.

Here at Hire Me Excavations, we have the machines and the experience necessary to help build the right retaining wall to suit your project, while still providing excellent customer service and value for money.


Post Hole Drilling

No one likes digging holes, but for some projects, whether it be for fence preparation, holes for a deck, building stumps etc. it’s unavoidable!

Hire Me Excavations, can take care of all post and stump hole drilling requirements for your next building project. We can help with commercial as well as residential projects.



If you are laying the underground piping for a new building, or require fence or wall foundations set along a boundary, our trenching services can make your job easy.

Hire Me Excavations, can cut clean, vertical-sided trenches to almost any depth required for general construction work around Wollongong.


Landscaping Excavation

When you want your property perfectly prepared for a landscaping project, you want Hire Me Excavations.

Some of the landscape preparation services we provide include: Laser Levelling, Tree holes, Moving soil, Site preparation for new turf, Drainage Excavation, Slope Excavation, Heavy landscaping materials relocation (rocks, logs, etc.)


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